There was far more to Sharon than a lovely face ad a sexy figure. What enchanted me about her as much as anything was her immutable good nature,her high spirits,her love of people and animals-of life itself”-Roman Polanski

Rest in Peace Sharon Marie Tate.

January 24th——August 9th 1969

"Sharon is too nice. She doesn’t believe in her beauty. Once when I was very poor in Poland, I had got some beautiful shoes, and I immediately became ashamed of them. All my friends had plain, ordinary shoes, and I was embarrassed to walk in front of them. That’s how Sharon feels about her beauty. She’s as embarrassed by it."- Roman Polanski 

"Sharon Tate is divine, a real find. Just wait and see what happens when the critics and public see her in Valley of the Dolls. Sharon has everything Marilyn Monroe had - and more. She has the fascinating, yet wholly feminine strength of a Dietrich or a Garbo, a classically beautiful face, an exciting figure, the kind of sex appeal and personality appeal to become as glittering a star as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor."Costume designer William Travilla   

Rest in Peace Sharon Marie Tate.

January 24th 1943-August 8th 1969


Sharon Tate photographed early 1960s.

Sharon Tate photographed in London,1966.

Sharon Tate photographed by Milton Greene,1967.

Sharon Tate photographed in Santa Monica,1967,by Curt Gunther.

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Edie Sedgwick by Bob Adelman,1965.